Comments now close after 90 days

Lately I’ve been getting some comments to blog posts from months to a year ago, usually record reviews. These may or may not be substantive in nature but are usually in an insulting tone. Since I have no intention to perform blog archeology and get insulted in the process, I have changed the blog settings so that comments now close after 90 days.

Waffle doesn’t get a whole lot of comments as it’s currently just a personal blog that I post on sporadically. So there’s no need at this point for any rules or comment policies. But even at low volume, drive-by comments that respond to stuff that is ancient history to me, and do so in the style of a fourteen-year-old YouTube commenter, are a pain in the butt to deal with, so I won’t. Automatic comment closing served me well when Waffle was on Movable Type and overrun with spam, and it will serve me well again.