Kate Bush Cover of the Day #49: Be Kind To My Mistakes by Jenna Nicholls

Also spotted through the Homeground and Kate Bush News and Info Forum: this lovely folky cover of ‘Be Kind To My Mistakes”, adding unexpected depth to what was originally one of Kate’s throwaway tracks.

Tracks from “The Blooming Hour” by JennaNicholls
Link to the full collection of three songs on Soundcloud, no download

‘Be Kind to My Mistakes’ is a bit of a rarity now. It was originally part of the soundtrack for the Nicholas Roeg film Castaway which has not been commercially available for years and has never had a DVD release, to the best of my knowledge. It was included in the boxed set This Woman’s Work, which has not been commercially available for years, but can be found on the used record market and through the Bittorrents. Though recorded after the release of Hounds of Love, it was tacked on to the 1997 reissue of that album as a bonus track, but that version is also no longer currently available. The current Fish People reissue of Hounds of Love has no bonus tracks. For the purpose of keeping score, the cover version is tagged as a song from This Woman’s Work.