Kate Bush Covers of the Day #50 and #51: two that got away.

The two covers below were songs I could not find on Youtube, Myspace or Soundcloud, so I’m doing the next best thing: posting them as Spotify links. If you don’t have Spotify yet, you will have to get an account and install the client on your computer or mobile device, and you only get limited free service, so it’s a little more awkward than using those other services. But for checking out new music, I’ve found Spotify very worthwhile to use, and may even upgrade to the paid service eventually.

Wow by Liza Lee is a jazzy cover of the Kate Bush classic from Lionheart. I like it, right until the point where the chorus starts; Lee’s interpretation of the chorus lacks expression and sounds rushed. It’s like she was at home with the verses but did not know what to do with the choruses. I still bought it off iTunes, as a) it’s interesting; and b) part the proceeds of the record it’s on, Anima, go to charity. Lee, who had a stroke at an early age, is dedicating the record to stroke research.

Running Up That Hill by Kevin Slick was one of my favourite versions of ‘Running Up That Hill’ when I started the series, and I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find it on YouTube. After hearing too many stripped down versions of ‘Running up That Hill’, I’m not quite as enthusiastic about it anymore, but it’s still a nice version for those long, hot, lazy summer nights where you also dig out the Fleet Foxes albums.

Now to find the Danielle French version somewhere. That still is a solid favorite.