The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic for June 6, 2001 has been remastered.

A quiet Monday at the caravan. I intended to get a lot of work done, but more or less crashed like a big dog on arrival. Did get a Spun Off page scanner-ready; once that one is processed (it needs extra digital work, by design), I will focus on the two pages of AbĂși’s Travels which I also scripted on Monday. These will lead into the crossovery bit, and with a bit of time travel, I should be able to get that done before Halloween of 2012 like the original plan was.

Speaking of time travel, we rewatched the Doctor Who season finale and then went back to the 1963 season, watching the reconstructed Marco Polo and the Terry Nation story The Keys of Marinus. Both reminded us that Steven Moffat didn’t exactly invent problematic depictions of race and gender in Doctor Who, not by a long shot.