Waffle is now Obsession Du Jour…

… and it’s full of content from my Tumblr.

Just because I found out that I could, and because it seemed like a good idea in the light of Yahoo!, a company with a track record of ruining everything it takes over, taking over Tumblr, I have imported all my Tumblr posts into my WordPress blog and changed its name so it is now the same as the Tumblr, Obsession Du Jour. Sorry if those 275-ish posts spammed your RSS feed. It’ll only happen this once. I hope.

I’m not planning to stop posting to Tumblr, mind. It’s just a precaution. I hope I’ll be able to easily mirror Tumblr stuff to WordPress and vice versa from here on, though.

There was actually already some content duplicated on both blogs, but honestly, the overlap is not that great. I never posted individual comic updates there, for instance.