A few random thought that may or may not amount to anything

I’m on vacation, and one of the things I’m doing, in addition to picking up my drawing tools and my guitar, is thinking about future projects. A few thoughts keep creeping up:

  1. I have an encyclopedic recollection of the science fiction I read in my youth, and could probably find any specific quote from at least some of those books by cracking them open at where I expect the page to be. I’d expect this ability to become less accurate the later I’ve read any novel for the first time, but it’s there.
  2. I have a hugely complicated relationship with Heinlein in particular.
  3. I will never again have the time to draw long comics, and perhaps it’s time I should put that ambition to bed (there are scenarios for my immediate or more distant future in which I do have that amount of time. They all have the word “unemployable” in them and are extremely bad for myself and worse for my family).
  4. I have, however, written up to 5000 words a day for the past few days, or edited the equivalent based on cost per word. I am probably in a much better position to write prose if I put my mind to it.
  5. Reworking concepts that other authors have used but that didn’t really work when they did them, is apparently a thing that is more or less acceptable if you’re clear about it and actually do a good job.
  6. My own life and thoughts actually offer some original ideas that I might add to the mix, if I bother to record them. And they wouldn’t be obvious ideas either.
  7. In the past few years, since switching careers but also since turning 40, I’ve noticed an odd kind of halo effect affecting me. I have become invisible to people who want to sell me crap, but people I work with seem to automatically assume that I am supercompetent and have lots of expertise. I am not and don’t, but I don’t have to work hard to pretend. Why wasn’t I warned that this would happen?
  8. There is a big market for traditional science fiction.
  9. A large section of that market is almost eager to be trolled in a big way.
  10. NaNoWriMo is in November

Do I dare to?