For future reference…

… ads like this are not OK on my website.

Hate based ad
This ad normalizes hate and associates it with social justice. It ain’t foolin’ me.

I don’t monitor my ads closely and have so far only blocked ads that were obviously scammy, and only when I saw them. But I cannot accept advertisers who promote violence, and linking it with social justice causes – opposition to sexism, MRAs, the year-long harrassment campaign that is Gamergate, and transphobia – is both a shitty thing to do and crosses the scam threshold harder than anything I’ve ever had to deal with before. I actually clicked on the ad and it took to some shitty image blog, so it’s a bait and switch as well. Doesn’t make the ad’s contents OK.

The ad that replaces it, the next highest bidder on Project Wonderful for that spot, says “Repent or perish in hellfire”. Not much better but at least it’s neither hateful nor scammy (as the ad actually leads to a site that tells people to repent or perish in hellfire, from a writer who appears to be sincere). It’s also running at no cost to the advertiser. So now might be a good time to bid on the top banner for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan on Project Wonderful. It’s still got a lowish but steady daily flow of visitors on a number of web locations that carry the ad.