Notes/First Impressions: Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal – G. Willow Wilson (writer), Adrian Alphona, Jake Wyatt (illustrators),

  • This is very much not made for me. Its target audience is about 30 years younger than I am, and I need to keep that in mind.
  • Small-capacity iPads and ebook editions of full-color comics don’t go together well. I read this on the 27″ iMac. That does not affect my impression at all, but it’s worth noting in case I want to read more comics as ebooks. Wonder how it looks on my phone…
  • That said, it looks pretty good on the big screen. I love the art: bright colours, dynamic, distorted yet always on-model and easy to read. A few panels had line tangents, but only comics professionals care about those, and then only when it’s somebody whose work they already dislike or who is asking them for advice. Line tangents are amateurish unless a known great of comics makes them. I should teach myself not to notice them.
  • As for the writing, my biggest problem with it was that it was over too soon. It’s called a graphic novel but it’s really only the beginning of a novel. That’s what you get if you collect, what, six monthly issues into a larger volume without considering if it’s really a good place to end the volume at. Ah well. It’s the Marvel way
  • Other than that, I really had no complaints about the writing. It’s a superhero origin story that covers all the expected beats when your newly-minted superhero is a sixteen-year-old Pakistani Muslim girl. Of course she has to juggle her new life as Ms. Marvel with the expectations of her strict family, her school, her mosque, her friends. You know what to expect, and you get it.
  • That said, this could have been a train wreck if the writer hadn’t done her homework. I’ve seen one comic where the writer as well as the artist had both failed to do that, and just assumed that the story to write about Muslims in America is that of a young man’s radicalisation, and will a veil out of 1,000 Nights do? Sure it will. Well, here’s G. Willow Wilson’s Wikipedia bio. Lady did her homework and more, and luckily any bum notes were avoided with ease. I could believe in Kamala, I could believe in her family, her wider circle of friends and the people at her mosque. Lines like "delicious, delicious infidel meat" bring back memories of listening to Muslim teenagers talking about food on the train during Ramadan – as well as being simply a very funny line.
  • I laughed out loud quite a few times, both at the sight gags that Alphona put in the background, and at some dialog/situation-based gags. This doesn’t normally happen as I usually find superheroic witticisms tiresome.
  • Much as I enjoyed it, I am reluctant to judge it as a Hugo-worthy effort, though perhaps the full run of the series will be. It’s just a bit too unsubstantial at this point for that. I guess it won’t look that way if you’re 13, but for me that’s what I was left with.

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