Notes/First Impressions: Zombie Nation by Carter Reid

So in my post about Sex Criminals, Rat Queens and Saga, I added a bit at the end, saying

There is one more [Hugo] nominee [for Graphic Story] that, for reasons I’ve outlined before, I will skip for now. If I have time, I may check it out and if it rocks my world, it may end up on my ballot. If it turns out to be the only complete work on the ballot, the benefit of the doubt I’ve given these four works will not apply and they may all end up below No Award (in the same order), so there is ample scope for an upset.

Then I actually took a quick look at Zombie Nation and any thought of a radical change to my vote went out of the window. Here I was tut-tutting at Saga for feeling, in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, a little bit dated. Zombie Nation is the kind of webcomic that people have in mind when they talk about webcomics that only made it big because they were around in 1998. But for fuck’s sake, it’s not 1998 anymore. These days, when I think of a newish webcomic that I hadn’t heard of before but that somehow got nominated for a major award, I expect it to look more or less like, well, like Rat Queens looks: possibly not entirely well-rounded in terms of the artist’s ability, but at the very least able to fake professionalism well in most areas and really really good in some. If it can’t claim that about itself, it should not be up for an award like the Hugos. Zombie Nation is just ugly, and worse than that, it’s ugly in a really dull way. Everything about it looks copied from other comics. That includes the writing, which is based on just a small number of stale, sexist jokes and pop culture references that need to be retired. Who in their right minds nominated this?

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