New pages available to Patrons

They are Krakatoa's feet, and the corridors they're padding through are those of the monastery she's a guest at.
Feet padding through corridors.

For paying Patrons, there’s a newly redrawn Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan page available right now! Everyone else will have to wait until January 1.

By the way, this means that the first page I publish to the general public in the new year will be a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan page and that makes me very happy. The comic has been stagnant for years, and in 2019, I am hoping to finally get over the hump. There are multiple redraws in production simultaneously, I’ve been cleaning out spam on the main website’s CMS and have adopted a practice of daily drawing that will make it easier for me to get pages out to the world. Now all I have to do is get pages out into the world, and that is my resolution for the new year. January in particular is scheduled to be a busy month, with fifteen updates already in the queue across my many different comics projects. Of course, fourteen of those are Chronicles of the Witch Queen updates in which my contribution is very limited. However, I plan to fill the sixteen remaining update slots with my own work, produced as we go along.

I also finished a page for Abúi’s Travels today and posted that on Patreon as well.

Digital panel from page 20 of Abúi's Grand Tour. It shows Adrienne, a human woman, in conversation with Quinn Anansi, a demigod.
Panel from Page 20 of Abúi’s Grand Tour

In this 20th page of Abúi’s Grand Tour, Adrienne recaps the story so far to a character that hasn’t heard it, and Abúi finally gets some. The page goes live on the Abúi’s Travels website on January 3, but Patrons can see it now.

Please help me by supporting my Patreon. The more money I have coming in, the better I will be able to make time to create new pages. Patrons get early access to every page that is produced across multiple comics, plus occasional looks behind the scenes, works in progress and other neat stuff. I have plans to create a Patrons-only section on this blog too, once I start writing more original content for it. The minimum pledge is just $1 a month.