New mission for this weblog, plus extra Patreon

Happy new year! I wanted to take a bit of time to explain what I’m going to do with Obsession du Jour (formerly Waffle until 2013-ish) in this new year and how this affects the pace of posting and the sort of stuff that you will be reading here.

The blog has a new mission: to collect, store and preserve my writing and art. All of it that I think needs collecting, storing and preserving. The new part here, really is “preserving”. My reason for reviving the blog is as a response to recent actions by a number of large online platforms, including Tumblr and Facebook, that have led me to believe that nothing I post on these platforms, or others, is safe from either misuse or arbitrary deletion. Terms of service can change at the whim of the platform, or in response to new legislation, or because someone working in the abuse-prevention department has had a bad day. I have no reason to believe that any other platform I use, such as DeviantArt, will be any better. The only way to protect your work from being memory-holed is by hosting it yourself.

Obviously, I don’t want to preserve everything, so I’m focusing on a few areas. For now, my priority is going through non-comics art made over the last few years that I think is worth keeping around and showing to people who might be interested in it. The drawing challenges I’ve worked on since 2015 are being republished on a daily schedule first, and that should keep me busy until well into Spring.

One unexpected consequence of me wanting to focus on preserving my work here is that after stripping the template and the installed plugins down to their bare essentials, I had to add one new integration to a platform! I have a Patreon now, and that sometimes has posts that are for paying Patrons only. I want to protect these from arbitrary deletion, too, so to make it possible for me to repost them here, I have added a Patreon plugin. If you are a paying Patron, you may find it convenient to read those posts on the blog instead of on the main website, but what’s important is that the moment I decide to sever ties with Patreon, or vice versa, I will deactivate the plugin and these posts will continue to exist here, and they will be free. I have no plans at this time to commercialize the blog itself. However, everyone who likes my work is invited to support it through Patreon! The more people support me, the more time I can make available from my day job to work on comics, art, criticism and all the things that have historically been posted on previous incarnations of this blog.

Over the past month, I’ve found that updating Obsession du Jour regularly has added to my well-being in ways that social media cannot match, and I have been making daily updates one of my first priorities on any given day. It’s great to be back on the open web, and to help bring back the open web one post at a time!