Decemboobs 2016, Day 14: Curvy Campbell

It’s been a while since I’ve reminded people that “Decemboobs” is not the name I chose for this drawing challenge and is not the name I would have chosen. It is, however, the official name for a month-long drawing challenge for cartoonists to improve the way they draw breasts, so that they don’t end up being ridiculed on Eschergirls or Bizarre Breasts. As such, I always tried to keep the range of body shapes pretty wide and this has led me to discover some new favorite models, one of whom is Olivia Campbell.

Day 14:

Digital drawing of model Olivia Campbell, a plus-sized woman in underwear sitting on a stool
Plus-sized model Olivia Campbell, sitting on a stool in underwear

What I wrote about this at the time:

Based on this photo from Olivia Campbell’s Instagram.

I missed yesterday’s entry out of sheer lazyness. Today is the first day of a short vacation but I was lazy again and didn’t get started until well in the afternoon. I may draw a group image this weekend to get caught up, but today I kept things simple – model photo with no background, slap some digital ink on the sketch, done.

I’m planning a new comic. One character is simply described as “black woman in her twenties” and I had imagined her previously as having a bit of a cookie-cutter, slim build. But she may end up being built like the beautiful Olivia instead.

I originally posted this here:
Olivia’s Instagram and the reference photo still exist online.