The Year in Fascist and Extreme Right Violence

From Antifa International on Tumblr:

Our antifascist social media collective has been trying to document the most egregious acts of violence committed by fascists and the racist extreme right over 2018. In the past year, we’ve documented more than 300 incidents of fascist violence, including 59 shootings, 32 arsons, 33 stabbings, 21 bombings, 11 car attacks, 3 kidnappings, an acid attack, and over 150 mob beatings or individual assaults. These acts of violence resulted in 113 deaths and more than 400 people injured. This was a 300% increase over the number of violent incidents we documented in 2017; the number of people murdered by fascists doubled over the deaths we documented last year; in 2018, we documented 5x more people injured in fascist & extreme right attacks than in the previous year.

We compiled the details of each violent act on a searchable map. Each pin includes a link to the media source covering the incident in question.

It strikes me that this sort of post is not really safe on Tumblr, but for the record, this post exists and is a follow-up to a string of posts over the past year documenting fascist violence on a per-incident basis.