Links for the day: Chronicles of the Witch Queen, Lynxlet, Sweet Potato Curry

In a room full of salacious art, the Baron von Fieffelfalsfaffel makes his case against new art. He says "Art is declining, like cheese and tomatoes".
Panel 3 of Page 2 of the new Chronicles of the Witch queen story Castle of the Gods.

A new Chronicles of the Witch Queen story, Castle of the Gods, started on Wednesday at the slightly more relaxed schedule of three per week. Read it, starting at this page:

I’m pretty much only the webmaster for this webcomic at this point, but I love it for how surreal it’s gotten. This one is also going to be a trip.

Lynxlet is maybe not the best way to install Lynx on an older Mac, but it is the easiest. It simply packages a precompiled Lynx and the resources needed to run it in a terminal as an Apple .app file and offers that as a dmg. If you can’t get Homebrew or MacPorts to work and/or don’t want to compile from source, Lynxlet is a good alternative.
One good practice for a program like this is that there is a lot of documentation on the same page that you can download from. This means that you can just read about the different ways to invoke Lynxlet, the path to the actual program within the .app file (useful for scripting purposes) and more without going to a different page.

This lentil and sweet potato curry will be our dinner tonight, except I misidentified a bag of black eyed peas in our pantry as lentils before shopping for groceries, so I will have to substitute something else for the lentils. I got this covered, though, I think.

Musician Qwyrdo, recording as Eccentric Gear Studios needs some money to make it through January. They have a ko-fi and a Patreon and their album of music from the German Renaissance available at Eccentric Gear’s Bandcamp is quite nice.

The Copic Colors blog is a product blog from the Copic marker company. I wish it went more deeply into the science behind their products, but their artist interviews and features are pretty good and inspire me to keep trying with Copics. I’ve become rather obsessed with them lately but I’m not really good at using them yet.

My Name is Jack Monroe and I’m an alcoholic – an uncomfortable read. I hope Jack is able to stay on this track of sobriety.