Links For January 6: All about me

I’m going to make today’s linklog about me and mine.

First: the previous post is Patreon-locked. You will start seeing more of these here in the near future, but they’ll still be a minority of posts. As I’ve said before, the reason I put Patreon-locked content on the blog is not to commercialize the blog, but to give Patreon posts equal protection against arbitrary deletion as the free content I post on many different places. In the event that Patreon and I decide to sever ties or Patreon takes a post down, the content will still be here and will be made free. That being said, please support my Patreon to enable me to create more, better comics faster and to get early access to new updates and more.

If you have a Patreon, the WordPress plugin that enables Patreon integration is here: and it’s an official Patreon plugin.

Second: my spouse and colorist Aggie Janicot has been updating her webcomic American Gothic Daily again. A few years ago, her site broke and she took the opportunity to redraw the comics as she rebuilt it, same as I’ve been doing with Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. That project stalled (as did mine) but since November, she’s been back on it and the comic now updates in fits and starts (like mine).