Decemboobs 2016, Day 20: Olivia Campbell again

We’re reaching the end of December 2016 now.

Day 20:

Digital drawing of a curvy woman in a corset wearing soda cans as rollers.
A curvy woman in a corset wearing soda cans as rollers.

What I wrote about this at the time:

Yep, it’s Olivia Campbell again. Reference image. Had to keep this one simple because I got a late start. I’m still slow.

This may be the last one for a few days as I’m going to be starting Christmas-related events with company dinner on Friday, visit from parents on Saturday and big Christmas dinner with stepson, stepdaughter-in-nearly-law and step-step-grandchild plus one family friend on Sunday. My parents are coming on a separate day because they’re elderly and one of them tires very quickly. That means there’ll be a whole weekend of cleaning and cooking and cleaning inbetween the eating, drinking and giving of gifts.

This image will definitely be the last one of Olivia Campbell I’m doing this year. I’ve got one more image from that body painting event that I want to try; other than that, I’ve got nothing scheduled, but I’m sure I’ll find something to draw.

Reference image has been scrubbed from the web. It was pretty good if I remember correctly.