Links for January 13: Cars, non-indoctrination in academia, recycling, fucky furniture and more

I skipped a few days of linklogging, but that was mostly because I didn’t have much to talk about. I am not dropping the habit.

They Saw It Coming: The Car Was Always the Cause Of All The Problems In Our City” is mostly about the early history of parking congestion in New York, but is still worth a read.

Twitter thread about whether US Academia indoctrinates students into becoming left-wing or discriminates against conservatives: research indicates it doesn’t and in fact if you want to be graded fairly, you’re slightly better off at a department where the faculty leans liberal:

Lilian Wood on Twitter wants to hear from you if you are a comic creator:

The Era of Easy Recycling May Be Coming To An End. Apparently too much single-stream recycling is actually useless due to contamination, offsetting the gains from increased participation. Bad news for my home town, which is still moving in the direction of combining more streams.

I wrote a Twitter thread about Marie Kondo and your book collection, which I will probably rewrite into a proper blog entry later, but just in case I don’t, here it is in its raw form:

The Baron Von Fieffelfalsfaffel in Chronicles of the Witch Queen owns this table, I’m sure of it: More on Buzzfeed. I mean she was still a tyrant who killed people in large numbers but this is one of those bits that make history less of an endless tale of carnage.

Apparently That Motherfucker’s poll numbers are tanking fast. Here’s a classic post that posits a limit on how far they can sink: The Crazification Factor

Back on Twitter, Stonekettle Station argues that what That Motherfucker’s border wall is for is to build a very large prison.