Portrait January 2017, Day 1: You think it’d be easier to draw Ringo Starr

And after 20-odd drawings focused on boobs, we’re back to faces for a bit. I’m sure you’ll find it a welcome change even if the first face you get to look at is affable Brexiteer and drummer Ringo Starr. I started this Portrait January off with some celebrities, then put out a call on Facebook to friends and co-workers. I ended up enjoying that a lot more.

Day 1:

Digital pencil portrait of Ringo Starr who was once in a popular beat combo.
Ringo Starr, everybody

What I wrote about this at the time:

You think it’d be easier to draw Ringo Starr. Maybe it’s because I read the article and could understand enough of it to know the man voted Brexit like a dummy.
Anyway, this is the first in this year’s Janus-uary, where I try to improve my portrait-drawing skills because they need improving.
Observation: Ringo’s ears are as distinctive as his nose, making him a real-life O’Timmins-O’Hara. Behind the sunglasses, he has sunken, drooping eyes that are hard to render. It’s easier with his younger face, but I didn’t want that.