Links for January 16: Art reference, XS4All, oblivion and TERFs

Links I picked up on Twitter and today. Because sharing on any social media platform, including the good ones, is a lot like casting links into the void, I’m reposting them here so that I, and you, can always find them again later.

Fantasy and game artist Noah Bradley and his wife Rachel have a new side-project shooting reference images. Landscapes are free, figure references are sold on a per-pack basis and some images are available as previews. Photobashing allowed, no need to give credits. There is also a large Free Megapack of older reference images that were not purpose-shot but are still very useful.

How we’ll forget John Lennon by Kevin Berger at Nautilus, about the ways and timeframes in which famous people are forgotten over time.

For KPN to shut down a storied brand and service like XS4all is indecent. XS4All was a brand in the sense of a mark of quality, service and heritage.

The history of TERFS in the Reagan era. CaseyExplosion on Twitter arguing that TERFism comes from a right-wing, conservative Christian version of ‘feminism’ from the Reagan era and reflects Christian, patriarchal conceptions of sexuality and gender.