Portrait January 2017, Day 5: Dylan

Skipping Day 4 for personal reasons. Day 5:

Digital drawing of my friend Dylan in a colorful scarf, based on a selfie he posted on Facebook
Dylan in a colorful scarf

What I wrote about this at the time:

I tried a slightly different approach in this drawing of my friend Dylan, who is a writer? ( I do hope he doesn’t use this for his author portrait, or the rather unflattering selfie this is based on; he has better pics in his profile); a little more cartoonish, because the original with its unusual angle and Dylan’s expression seemed to call for it. I thought inks and flat colors would work with this, so I finished this in Photoshop with colors from an old color palette that I used to use in my comics, rather than trying to match the colors of the original photograph.

Not a great drawing but it stands out due to the inks and colors.