Links for January 17: Medical transphobia, ad tech

Amanda Jette Knox on Twitter discusses a letter by a small group of doctors agains gender-affirming treatment for children. She’s not impressed by the science and less impressed by the history of homophobia and transphobia behind the signers.

On a related topic, some of the studies that are used to argue against gender confirmation, or more generally by the sort of people that argue against gender confirmation, are weird and creepy and of no scientific validity at all. As Martin Wisse sums up:

The whole of the ‘scientific’ anti-trans argument is based on this one pedophilic study of rating how attractive eight year old girls are to adult men

On to more cheery stuff. It turns out that, at least for some scale of organization, extensive tracking of personal data is not necessary to earn revenue from displaying ads: After GDPR, The New York Times cut off ad exchanges in Europe — and kept growing ad revenue.