Links for January 24, 2018: Venezuela, “the most pro-Black President”

I’m supposed to be on vacation, semi-incommunicado at a campsite in southern Spain. But because of the snowfall, we could not travel so me, my spouse and the dogs are still in the Netherlands. I’ve been scheduling posts and drawing comics, and now here’s another batch of links.

VerĂ³nica Bayetti Flores pleads for nuance and awareness of history on the current goings-on in Venezuela. (It is amazing how often good posts that I want to link to are really Twitter threads). She’s coming at this from a left-wing, Venezuelan perspective so what she says should not be understood as centrist both-sides-ism, but probably will be. It is probably worth highlighting that VerĂ³nica also writes:
If your opinion involves US military intervention in Venezuela…thank u, next

Wanna hear some facts laid out to you in the cadences of a Black preacher instead? Here’s the Reverend Dr. Kevin Murriel telling you why That Motherfucker isn’t the most pro-Black President ever like some complete dolt claimed. Er, this one’s on Facebook but if there’s another place I can link to, I will.