Portrait January 2017, Day 13: Edwin and Emma

This double entry was not the best drawing I did for Portrait January, but it was the one that ended up affecting my thinking about portrait drawing the most.

Day 13:

Digital portrait of my pal Edwin and his daughter Emma
My pal Edwin and his daughter Emma

What I wrote about this at the time:

Two for the price of one (price of one is free)! Edwin? and his daughter Emma, and lemme tell you, small children are the strangest creatures in the world to draw. I may take a day off after this double feature.

When they got the drawing, Edwin, a working-class man with a history of poverty and underemployment, told me that ‘our kind of people never get our portraits drawn’ and that was such an insightful thing to say. We’re so far into the selfie era that we no longer think about fotographic portraiture of anything special, but being drawn still carries extra weight, and is still reserved for people with money. Since then I’ve put more thought into finding people to draw who are marginalized and ignored in other portraiture.