Commission Sheet for February 2019 showing base prices as explained in the post.
Commission Sheet for February 2019

For the first time ever, I’m opening commissions! Get yours now, because they will never again be this cheap! No more than 10 slots, opening 5 at a time to keep the queue short.

Base prices:
Line art: $ 20 + $ 5 for each additional character
Flat colors: $ 35 + $ 8 for each additional character
Fully shaded: $ 50 + $ 10 for each additional character, OR join the $ 40 tier on my Patreon for monthly commissions with up to three characters. Full details on the $40 tier.
Basic backgrounds free; contact me to arrange a price for a more complex background.
Payment in advance, in full upon acceptance of the commission, through PayPal (or Patreon if using the $ 40 tier)

Send me a note on DeviantArt or use, or message me on Patreon.

I will draw:
Nudes, light erotica, adult humor; male, female, other; furries accepted but I may not be the best artist to do them for you.

I will not draw:
Underage nudes or sexualized depictions of underage characters. Vore. I am open to fetish art but if your fetish makes me go “ew” or laugh uproariously, I won’t be the right artist for you and it’s probably best for everyone if I turned down your request.
No overly-complex scenes – max. three characters and a simple background. is about as complex as I can do in a decent amount of time right now, and it’s going to cost you. No comics or serialized art as part of this commission drive; however, if this drive is successful, I may start a separate drive for three-panel strips or comics pages.
Other than that, I reserve the right to refuse commissions that make me uncomfortable.

Progress updates:
For line-art, I will send a sketch and ask you to comment; this is the opportunity for full overhauls. After this stage is improved, full overhauls will only be done at extra cost.
For color and shaded art. I will also send the inks and a first attempt at color.

You get flattened digital files in JPEG or PNG format, at the original resolution.

I think that covers everything. I’ll repeat that this will be the only time prices will be this low; depending on the success of this round, I will either raise prices after the first ten slots, or not do commissions again. However, the special Patreon tier will stay at the same price for a full year after the last slot is filled, so if you need multiple commissions made, it’s your best choice.