Decemboobs 2017, Day 21: Wellp

Day 21:

Pencil drawing of a pair of breasts contained in a tight dress top.
Pencil drawing of a pair of breasts contained in a tight dress top. Reference:

What I wrote about this at the time:

Entry #21 in Decemboobs, the annual, month-long, daily drawing challenge in which cartoonists focus on boobs in order to learn to draw them more realistically. Learning is impossible without the possibility of failure, which is where this drawing comes in. If you go to the reference ( ) , the actual pattern of the dress is very complex and I did not feel like spending all that time drawing it. Which is fine! All I wanted to focus on was how the dress interacted with the breasts. But it meant I had to do something else, and it took me a while, as I went along, to figure out what. I would:
1) treat the floral pattern as visual noise and try to filter it out; and
2) treat the resulting empty areas as negative space.
Unfortunately, by the time I got there, I was already halfway through drawing. with no time to start over. So this one is a bit messy and hesitant in places, especially when you look at it in full view. Also, the main shapes don’t look quite right. They’re more accurate than they look, I think, but once you start altering things from strictly following the reference, you need to go all the way and switch into a frame of reference where you draw what looks right. In other words, use your imagination more.
I wasn’t successful at making that switch. Next time I take this approach, I’ll know what to do and the result will be both faster and better.

The reference still exists because there are no female-presenting nipples in it.