Links for February 17, 2019: Metal confronts its Nazi problem, infodumping, plus new: non-linklogging

I skipped a few days of linklogging because I had other things going on and no energy. I may or may not try to track down some of the interesting links I’ve missed.

Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem by Colin Moynihan at the New Yorker is a good overview of the history of Nazis in Metal, and the scene’s often-problematic but improving response to it. Glacial Tomb, a band that gets multiple mentions in the article (they’re not nazis), has a bandcamp.

Tweet by Richard Gadsden quoted in full:

The fact that men explain things that people already know must be useful for sf authors wanting to do infodumps – just get an annoying cis male character to mansplain things.

Plus here’s a new feature: because some things should not be rewarded with a link, here’s some non-linklogging:

Apparently, the National Review has thoughts on how Democrats should go about winning the next election. I thought we’d all been over this: liberals should not take advice from conservatives on how to win. This isn’t rocket science: such advice is always offered in bad faith with the intent of helping conservatives win. Is the opposite also true? It would be if conservatives listened to what liberals said, but given that they are ruled by their overpowering own-the-libs reflex, it’s not an issue that comes up in practice.