Links for February 18, 2019: Trans sex worker Skywalker, How to help insects

Star Wars Episode IV: A Forlorn Hope is an outline for an alternate universe fix in which the main character is a trans girl called Shmi. It’s clever in how it explores the ramifications to the original plot of the change from ‘Luke Skywalker’ to ‘Shmi’ – she leaves home just a little earlier than ‘Luke’ does, and this changes her path in life, but she still gets to blow up the Death Star. Original Twitter thread that may work better for some, if you prefer seeing it in the bite-size chunks that it was drafted in.

Paraic O’Donnell on how to sustain a healthy insect population in your backyard. Great because 80% of it is not doing things: don’t spray pesticides, obviously, but also don’t mow that grass. I don’t need a reason not to mow the grass, but it comes in handy that now I’ve got one.