Portrait January 2018, Day 6: Benedicte

After this one, I just stopped. Well, almost. I had one more portrait that I started but never finished. I don’t even remember why I lost my motivation, but I did. I wasn’t actually on Day 6 at the time, either; I was halfway through the month. Guess I struggled to find the time, and struggled some more to finish the works; most of them look pretty labored to me, and some, like this one, simply didn’t turn out good. Tomorrow, we skip to October 2018, when I did Inktober and had a great time with that.

Day 6:

Digital color portrait of my friend and colleague Benedicte.
Digital color portrait of my friend and colleague Benedicte.

What I wrote about this at the time:

Since I’m doing this as a learning project, it would be remiss for me to only post the successful ones! I’ll learn more from the ones that don’t turn out so good if I admit their existence and show them to people who can help me get better. Also, this establishes sort of a baseline for my painting abilities. (Also, this is one of the reasons I don’t charge for my portraits.) So. A few points:
1. I can draw a bit. I’m not the best artist in the world, but I know what to do when I have a pencil (real or digital) in my hands. Not so much with painting; painting is something I fundamentally don’t understand and throughout this work, I had no idea what I was doing.
2. I could tell from the tagging suggestion while I posted this image on Facebook that Facebook’s face recognition algorithm at least recognised this as a face. So there’s that.
3. It does not recognise the face as that of my Facebook friend Benedicte after whose profile picture this is drawn, but then such a correct identification has only happened once since I started putting these portraits up on here.
4. If I squint and look through the corners of my eyes, I guess it does look a bit like Benedicte.
5. I warned her that I wanted to try something new and that it might not turn out great.
6. Just for once, I think I’ve drawn the eyes too small.

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