Linklog for March 6, 2019: Executive function, career burnout and more

Once again, I’ve left my links lying around for a week, maybe longer. It’s important for me to have this trail of links that I’ve read or found interesting (lately I’ve often only been able to skim longer reads due to lack of time/energy) so I can find them later, but also to make sure the labor involved in collecting them does not go exclusively to social media platforms. I don’t know if anyone actually reads these posts, but that is a secondary concern to me; I do this for me.

One reason I’ve let the links piled up is that I have no time and energy, even though my work schedule has not been that onerous for a while. Unfortunately, on most days, my executive function is shot. This series on Musings of an Aspie explains executive function in detail.

Another reason I can’t make the hours in my day work is career burnout – or rather mid-career crisis; this article at HBR serves in part as an explainer, but takes a philosophical turn that I’m not particularly interested in but might become interested in later. For now, my focus should be on deciding what to do about the fact that everything I do all day bores me to tears and there’s no clear path to more interesting work within the company for me.

I post links to nazi stuff a lot, which usually isn’t a lot of fun, but essential when pushing back against the gathering threat of 21st-Century neonazism. Sometimes it is fun, like when someone smacks convicted felon election fraudster Dinesh D’Souza into next week with facts. Useful if someone comes at you with ‘Nazis were socialists’ bullshit.

Related: In the New York Times, Adam Sokal writes about his experiences as a comment moderator for a right-wing website, which sounds like hell on earth. A sample:

Before working as a moderator, I never would have known how many comments on a story about Africanized bees it would take before they started taking a racist turn. Now, having done the job, I know that that’s a trick question, because the answer is: immediately. It will happen on the first comment and keep on going until the last one.

Dan Olson on Twitter about Facebook’s Patreon clone, which you should not use. Boingboing | Spike Trotman, one of the most successful crowdfunders in comics | The Verge

I’ve suspected for a while that the World Wildlife Fund, which I was a supporting member of as a kid, was really not the sort of organization that you should support. It turns out that its environmental colonialism goes so far as to fund vicious paramilitary organisations that murder and rape. Sorry to end on a downer, but the natural environment is not going to be fixed by white people swooping in to point at large game animals and telling indiginous people ‘these are ours and we will destroy you if you touch them’.

There are absolutely things in here that I would like to follow up on at greater length some day. But if I could carve out time this week to read them properly, that would already be a result.