Linklog for March 14: Lawns, honoring historical antifascists, shining a light on fascist motherfuckers and more

McMansion Hell’s Kate Wagner on lawns, which are a plague. Nothing in here that I didn’t already know except for the scale of ecological and social destruction they wreak. Lemmy of Motörhead famously said that they were the kind of band that, if they could come live next to you, would cause your lawn to die; what the world needs is a million Motörheads.

(Since every time the need to destroy lawns is brought up in a place that has comments, a number of people argue that their homeowners’ association won’t let them do the right thing, I would welcome an article with strategies for dealing with that. In the abstract, I have a good idea what strategies could possibly exist, but I don’t know which ones would work and be practical for most people to use.)

Béla Lugosi, original antifa.

For future reference: a Twitter thread on the family background of (racist, mysoginist, homophobic, white supremacist, Trump propagandist and honestly rather dim) Tucker Carlson.

Speaking of dim racists, but with an added dose of Dunning-Kruger syndrome: I don’t normally link to Slate Star Codex because the people there are just that. However, the mocked-up prospiracies are funny and who knows? They just might work as intended. File under ‘a stopped clock is right once a day’.

Aaaand you may have heard of the Tragedy of the Commons. Well, guess what, the concept has racist roots and the science behind it isn’t all that (Original thread, because Boingboing, who summarized it, aren’t all that either. However, BoingBoing, being an online institution that self-hosts, is more likely to be here in another decade).