Linklog for March 15: Christchurch shooting edition

A terrorist motivated by racism shot up a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand overnight, killing at least 40, making this the biggest white supremacist terror attack since Ut√łya, July 22, 2011. I am not going to link every news report but some responses are worth keeping.

Wajahat Ali on Twitter (thread):

Let me quickly explain why the Christchurch mosque shooting affects many of us, not just Muslim communities. If the shooter’s manifesto and social media feed are accurate, he was inspired by a right wing ideological infrastructure that thrives, recruits and radicalizes online 1/

Swift on Security on Twitter links to an earlier thread:

So, something weird happened a year and a half ago I’ve never talked about. It was a direct message from a white supremacist

Alexandra Erin on Twitter:

Okay, before I crash: there is a reason that fascists keep referencing PewDiePie, and yes, it is a big joke to them, and no, we shouldn’t fall for it…

But “falling for it” in this case means accepting that he is just a nice young man who had some Heated Gamer moments.

I am personally still undecided on whether PewDiePie can be blamed directly for stochastic terrorism, though I think he contributed to a climate where white supremacist ideology is normalized and has become part of the right wing ideological infrastructure. However, it is much clearer that the Australian far right is to blame for stochastic terrorism:

Jason Wilson on Twitter (thread) details which Australian right-wing nationalist piece of shit said what, when, that might have encouraged the attacker:

been writing. i see this “alleged” p.o.s. is australian. tell me again how the far right in australia isn’t important or worth worrying about

The case for quarantining extremist ideas (The Guardian)

Back in June, a writer by the name of Deo wrote a guide to The Rhetoric Tricks, Traps, and Tactics of White Nationalism. It is very extensive and goes into great detail, though it does highlight one major theme: most of the tactics Nazis use when propagandizing focus on deniability. Please note that it has some disturbing illustrations in it, including, at the end, a complete reproduction in screenshot forms of a specific strategy for recruiting new nazis. The fact that this is the last thing you see is a major flaw from an information hygiene point of view. I’m also not very enamored with the ‘this is for centrists and normies’ framing, because it’s not like people not in these groups aren’t also vulnerable. On the plus side, it also contains a full screenshot of Carson Fire’s rules of engagement, so after a decade and a half I can finally see what they are, even if they’re attributed to Karl Rove. OK, so this is only interesting for people who read this blog in the mid-2000s, but you never know when that motherfucker waddles into my life again (Fire, not Rove).

This would be a good time to highlight the Patreon of Daniel Harper, who has spent an unhealthy amount of time wading in the sewers of the online far right and is now making a podcast that informs the public about who the neo-nazis are and what they are up to: