X!Gloop is 30!

X!Gloop upset, staring into the sky
One of a series of drawings to commemorate the 30th anniversary of X!Gloop. More on the X!Gloop blog.

30 years ago, a day before my 18th birthday, I was inspired by the then-new collection of Moebius’ complete works to simply start drawing a comic page with little in the way of a preconceived idea, and seeing what happens. I was so inspired by Moebius that I ended up imitating some of his ideas as best I could, especially at the start: the muddy landscapes, the strange flying creatures, and I even put in a direct reference to one of his stories by suggesting that in the background, Arzach was being mobbed by creatures on a rock in the mud. I named the human character X!Gloop and his alien friend John Longcoat, even though neither character wore a long coat, because I could.
I wrote and drew some more pages, pushing as hard against conventional narrative structure as my imagination allowed at the time. That story ended up being called The Grismoon and I put together a small xeroxed book of it to sell to a small handful of people. Then 15 years later, I put that story and a few others involving the same character online. Today, X!Gloop lives on Comicfury at The Lives of X!Gloop. I started adding new pages to the series in 2015 because I had a bunch of unpublished pages and I thought it would be fun to revise them, effectively collaborating with my younger self. I’ve run out of pages and have no idea where the story will go after the next page that I’ve planned, which is just the way this comic should be.

This month, I’ve also been drawing X!Gloop as my daily challenge, as shown in the X!Gloop blog. As luck would have it, my day job has been murder this week and on the exact day of the anniversary, I missed a day. I’m sure I’ll get caught up – the prompt is “In his pajamas” which is going to be tricky for me anyway.

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for some nonsense, read The Lives of X!Gloop. It starts out pretty crude but there is a manic energy there. The total archive is only 55 pages, which means that over the 30 years, I’ve produced just under two pages a year, on average. Same as my other comics lately, then.

That’s not entirely true; there are like five other unpublished pages, so it’s exactly two pages a year.