Inktober 2019, Day 1: Ring

A dangling hand in a suit jacket sleeve, adorned with Gothic rings and cufflinks
First image for Inktober 2019. Prompt: Ring

When the keyboardist for Cult of XünÿX has to be presentable for a business meeting, he puts on a suit, but the signifiers of gothdom stay close at hand.
This Inktober, I’m going to follow the official prompts, but relate them to the webcomic Cultish Manners, its universe and its potential sequels. Then in November I will work on the actual comic some more.
India ink, Copic markers with a little bit of TwinMarker, scanned, developed in Affinity Photo and slightly tinkered with in Autodesk Sketchbook on iPad. Penciled and inked in the morning, colored, scanned and processed in the evening.
Compared to what I had in my head, this is maybe at 50% of that. But it didn’t exist yesterday, and it exists now.