Linklog for October 5: Right-wing terrorism, air conditioning, nudity and Sydney’s war against trams

I’ve not posted a new linklog since July 25, but I have been collecting links. As with my art, I want to make sure the labour involved in collecting valuable links for others and sharing them doesn’t just benefit the platorms I post them on, but myself as well. Already I’ve found that I’ve referred to some of the things mentioned in these posts, tweets and articles without remembering where I got them from, so it’s time to put them in one convenient place.
Of course, with such a long pause between posts, some of these may be out of date and some may discuss things like how warm the summer has been, which doesn’t seem that relevant now that it’s fall and chilly (where I am). But I’ve decided not to whittle these down; if I thought they were worth reading at the time, they should be worth reading now.

United Steelworkers on Twitter:
When legal immigrant Ernesto “Tito” Ochoa of Local 6787 was detained by ICE on his way to work, thrown in federal jail and threatened with deportation, he used his one call to phone his union. We had his back and fought to free him. That’s what #USWUnity is about. #chr2019 #1u

Why You Should Stop Using the Angry Face Reaction on Facebook by Wordynerdbird. It apparently causes more algorithmic scrutiny and may lead to contribute to deletion of the post. This is not what most people intend when they use the Angry face.

One man, eight years, nearly 20,000 cat videos, and not a single viral hit by Joe Veix on the Outline. A lovely story about a man who helps stray cats and documents it without being bothered by concerns of the resulting video going viral. If you must use YouTube, subscribe to this instead of P**D**P**. And autoplay it for a few hours to confound YouTube’s algorithm.

The Netherlands has had a record-breaking heatwave and one thing that keeps coming up in conversations with Americans is air conditioning. Most homes don’t have it built in because historically, heating and insulation have been much more important. I won’t lie: I kept going to the office during the heatwave because the office has AC and my house does not. But AC has a high ecological cost that will only rise in the near future, and also returns the heat it removes from your house directly to your neighbours’ houses, and to the city as a whole.1 So I don’t want to have it in the house (I’m OK with AC in shared spaces). This article on by Elise Vermeeren lists some of the alternatives: external screens (another feature that Dutch houses traditionally aren’t delivered with), pools and the most interesting suggestion: heat exchangers that can also be used to return heat from the soil to the house in winter.

Wikpedia has a handy, but still incomplete List of terrorist attacks by right-wingers. The section on the US mentions some (but not all) of the many instances of terror attacks against abortion providers, so Eric Gustafson aka Carson Fire will still be able to dismiss it the next time he peddles his denialism in public (it was one of his sacred Rules of Engagement back in the early 2000s that you could only discuss left-wing vs. right-wing terrorism if you excluded violence against abortion providers from the discussion, because that’s the kind of trash he is). Also, the Luigi’s Restaurant shooting that paralysed my wife’s leg and killed the father of her child is not listed, so the list is woefully incomplete. I’m pretty sure not a lot of people remember the Luigi’s Restaurant shooting, because by today’s standards it hardly qualifies as mass murder, and I’m not sure contemporary reports mentioned that his stated aim was to teach the queers and the n****rs in the military a lesson. You kinda have to personally know one of the people involved to know that.

On to more fun things that include nudity. Here’s how I’d like to see #naturism reported on more often: from the perspective of an insider, with knowledge gained over time, and as part of a larger vacation report that includes other topics: Frontaal Naakt disfrutarren aan de Costa Dorada by Peter Breedveld (in Dutch). Don’t send me your 13-paragraph reports by a journo who went to a nude campsite once, describes the other guests in anthropological terms, only to conclude in the final paragraph with “that was fun but I won’t do it again.” A bot could write that, and probably did. I enjoyed the article after that, Feesten en feasten in het supergezellige Reus (Dutch) as well; it has some lovely pictures of a street parade and Catalan sculpture.

Reflections: Overpopulation & The Unbearable Whiteness of Green:

Calling for African and Asian communities to stop breeding to help the earth is as useful as focusing on banning plastic straws to help the sea when we know that 0.03% of ocean plastic comes from straws and 46% comes from industrial fishing nets.

Erased from history: how Sydney destroyed its trams for love of the car. Mike Ticher at the Guardian. We have a simplistic understanding of the history of cars: that as part of the inexorable march of progress, aided by the invisible hand of the market, cars replaced the horse and buggy because they were just better. In reality, cars replaced a lot of other things and in many cases these other things were deliberately destroyed to make room for (internal combustion engine, privately owned) cars, at a huge cost to society. This is just one example.

Ronald Reagan’s Long-Hidden Racist Conversation with Richard Nixon – Tim Naftali at the Atlantic. The third-worst president in the United States’ history was even worse than we thought as recently released audio of a conversation with the fourth-worst president in the United States’ history proves.

Masana Temples by Kikagaku Moyo is an excellent psychedelic rock album.

Realm of Spells by Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell is an excellent dub reggae album.

And here are Eight Artists Making Music Built on Buchla Synthesizers. Louis Pattison, Bandcamp Daily. West Coast Synth has got me through some rough days over the past few years so checking these artists out may turn out to be expensive for me.

A Twitter thread on Andy Ngo’s lies (Andy Ngo is the editor of Quilette also known as Phrenology weekly). Not all his lies, mind, just the crop of one week of Andy Ngo being Andy Ngo. By @egoldmanrevolt.

The basic engine The Basic Engine is a very low-cost single-board home computer with advanced 2D color graphics and sound capabilities, roughly comparable to late-1980s or early-1990s computers and video game consoles. It can be built at home without special skills or tools and using readily available components for under 10 Euros in parts, or mass-produced for even less.

Three Years of Misery Inside Google, The Happiest Company in Tech Nitasha Tiku at Wired. A long read, very complete from the look of it.

The rise of the sober-curious: having it all, without alcohol Adrienne Matei in The Guardian. Not gonna lie, I hate the term ‘Sober-curious’ already, but what it describes describes where I’m at in my life.