Inktober 2019, Days 10 and 11: Pin Goose Pattern and Snow Whoop

A double today, because I was unable to finish yesterday’s drawing on the day itself, even though I’d made good progress on it during the morning session before going to work. It just so happened that I came home very late and exhausted. But I have a long weekend now, so I’m getting caught up.

A pincushion shaped, more or less, like a goose. It's got a patterned fabric and several pins stuck into it, including a broken safety pin
Inktober 2019, Day 10. Pin Goose/Pattern

Day 10: Pin Goose/Pattern. I did not find ‘Pattern’ inspiring by itself, so I combined it with one of the prompts from A.I.nktober: A Neural Net Creates Drawing Prompts by Janelle Shane. I went back and forth about whether I wanted to include a pattern in the drawing and went as far as to pencil in a tartan pattern on the fabric, but in the end I decided to have only the suggestion of a pattern in the digital coloring. Pincushions are weird, man.

Tess looks on as Abby slips over a patch of slippery, half-molten snow. Abby yells 'Whoop!"
Inktober 2018, Day 11. Snow/whoop

Day 11: Snow/Whoop. I liked ‘Snow’ a bit better but still wanted to include the A.I.nktober prompt “Whoop” in the art. So here are Tess and Abby in a snow-covered street, with Abby losing her balance.