Inktober 2019, Day 27: Coat, and an evaluation

A redheaded girl in an outfit resembling that of Misty from Pokémon, covered up in a rain poncho because it's raining.
Inktober 2019, Day 27. Coat

Day 27: Just another attempt at drawing Abby’s rain poncho, in the setting where she’ll be wearing it. Abby has taken her style cues from Misty from Pokémon and to check how her outfit’s neckline and arm lines worked under those braces, I did an image search for that character, a decision which I now regret. However, the official images did help me set the color scheme and final shape of the outfit under the poncho. I know I’ve drawn the neck too long again; the reason, I think, is because I’m worried about the crinkly bits of the poncho taking up too much space in that area. With more retries, this will improve.

I’ve been trying to increase the pace of production for a bit. Yesterday, I made one image that I could use as a bonus image when Inktober is over. Today, I started another image based on the Day 27 prompt, but I started to get sicker again with whatever virus I’ve been dealing with for the past week, so I just finished this one early and I’ll see how much energy I have. But over the weekend as a whole, I’ve been reasonably productive.
This is good, because NaNoMango is coming.

Most of the images for this Inktober were made with a view to developing Cultish Manners, the comic I started for last year’s NaNoManGo, and its sequels. This has worked! I now have a much better idea of where I want to take this comic and how to get there. One conclusion is that it deserves much better art, and that’s a problem. The quality the existing pages have is what I could do at a NaNoManGo-like pace, with my day job being what it is. I think with better scheduling, I could squeeze out a slightly larger volume of output, but I don’t think I could do that and create higher-quality art as well. So here’s what I will do: After I’ve thumbnailed out the pages, I will draw them one panel at a time. This will allow me to use small blocks of time, such as a lunch break, a little better, while keeping me focused on one thing at a time. It also means that, as long as I know what the final lay-out is going to be, I can just take small pieces of paper with me and draw in the office, during my lunch break. Originally, I was going to do the next batch all-digital, but I’ve been having so much fun drawing traditionally with brush pens that I want to keep doing that. And it looks to me like the art quality has improved over the past month. I do hope this approach results in better art without compromising the pace of production too much.

Cultish Manners won’t keep that title after NaNoManGo, because I do have sequels in mind. In my head, it’s structured like a season of post-2005 Doctor Who, with elements from the first episode coming back in the finale. I don’t yet know what I’m going to call it, but Cultish Manners really only works for the pilot episode, which is the NaNoManGo project. Of course, if I don’t manage to get more pages made, the issue will be moot.