Inktober bonus image and gallery

Here’s a little Inktober bonus image for ya:

Abby, a white redhead in a Pokémon-inspired outfit, and Tess, a Black Goth girl in a mesh shirt, swigging beer bottles that are definitely not their first of the night
Inktober 2019 bonus image: tasty

Tess and Abby partying hard. I started this image for prompt 25: Tasty, but decided to go with another prompt instead. I spent a bit of time in the week after that finishing this image up.
I stopped drinking in July; it wasn’t so much a decision I made as a natural progression from drinking less and less in recent years. One effect that’s had is that I find it harder to imagine, write and draw people who drink. I can still do it but it doesn’t come naturally.

I managed to get something done for every day of Inktober this year! Below is a gallery of the images I posted during the month: