Linklog for November 8, 2018: Nasi Goreng, Ginger Baker and Something You Can Do Right Now To Push Back Against Nazis

There’s an interview with me on by Copyleft Curator.

What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know by Luna Nieves (“Aicaya”). Making people learn Unix-ish stuff on the internet is a good way to create a perpetually-angry programmer community. If you want to start from the beginning, nothing beats books, but books are out of the reach of many.

How to radicalize a normie, and how to maybe de-radicalize them. Innuendo Studios.

The French Olympic logo tumbles out of bed on a Parisian morning. She tousles her messy bob, dons breton stripes and ballet flats and whisks down the stairs from her fifth-floor apartment to grab a baguette before enigmatically texting two men who are pursuing her romantically.” Twitter thread started by Megan Clement.

Charles Babbage’s Difference engine captured in Gigapixel images from 2012.

Also from 2012, The Return of the Limits To Growth by Ugo Bardi. The rehabilitation of that essential and frightening study into humanity’s effect on the environment and where that will take us is long overdue.

Back in the present, the Intercept has not been able to find a single leftist among the people across the political spectrum that Mark Zuckerberg claims to have been consulting with. It may just be that the Intercept’s methodology is flawed and the resulting article is a tad on the tendentious side, but given what we know, which includes the news that Facebook will consider right-wing harrassment farm Breitbart a “reputable news organisation” for the purposes of its new and improved News tab (don’t use their News tab!), I find the claim that Zuckerburg is either bullshitting about consulting with people across the political spectrum, or, worse, that he has no idea anymore how the political spectrum runs, entirely credible. In any case, don’t use the Facebook news tab. Hide it, or pretend it doesn’t exist. If you’re going to have a filter bubble, make it your own.

Relatedly, The Coming Ethics of the Internet of Things by Emily Gorcenski, discusses accessibility and inclusiveness in our future tech infrastructure, and also has some things to say about the accuracy of data generated about us.

Bicycles are the fantasy hero’s friend by Camestros Felapton, in which it is argued that a bicycle would be the best way for a fantasy hero to get around, if such a device can exist in the fictional world. The comments do some work on that qustion, but Camestros suggests that post-apocalyptic settings would be a good fit for bicycles.

I am trying to figure out how to recalibrate a 22-year-old scanner, and IT8 Calibration Targets at is very useful for helping me learn more about the one IT8Cal card we found in our archive. Argyllcms seems like a capable tool to use to generate ICC profiles. It doesn’t seem easy to use, though, so I’m still looking for alternatives.

In music, legendary drummer Ginger Baker passed away two weeks ago last month. Some albums from his period working with Bill Laswell can be found on Bandcamp, including Middle Passage, Horses And Trees and the live set Live in Japan by Material with Ginger Baker. Plus his classic album with Fela Kuti, Fela Kuti Live with Ginger Baker, which is available through Bandcamp site for Kuti. These are all highly recommended and, in case of the Laswell collaborations, unfairly overlooked.

Massive White Supremacy Board Leak: How to Access and Interpret the Data includes torrent and magnet links to the entire SQL database from the defunct neo-nazi white supremacist message board Iron March. Share and enjoy!

A topic dear to my heart: How to cook the perfect nasi goreng, Felicity Cloake in The Guardian.