Cultish Manners Page 13

It turns out that the Patreon plugin for WordPress isn’t working as well as it used to. The last post was supposed to be only visible to Patrons, but wasn’t. Ah well. I guess I will post my #NaNoManGo work as public, scheduled posts instead. Here’s page 13:

Liath fights the shadow creature while Frits, the singer of Cult of XünÿX, suffers. His bandmates are considering what to do and keyboardist Jan Boenen suggests giving Frits his heroin back.
Cultish Manners Page 13: A reminder of what’s at stake

And here’s a photo of the page-in-progress from last Tuesday, with my cat’s ear visible in shot:

Raw scan of Page 13 of Cultish Manners while it was being drawn.
Cultish Manners Page 13 in progress