Linklog for December 29, 2019: mostly about Big Tech being bad

My New Years’ Resolutions for 2020 are driven by a desire to become less dependent on Big Tech (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter) even in cases where it’s not possible for me to sever the relationship completely. So it’s convenient to find that most of the links that I’ve collected over the past two months or whatever since I last posted a linklog are about Big Tech being bad. First, some art, though.

I drew some cover art for a new storyline by The Cosmic Beholder: The Mighty Bares. Requires a login to view. Eventually it will be posted in more publically accessible places.

Apple Card issuer investigated after claim of sexist credit checks – The Guardian. Noteworthy that the name of the issuer is Goldman Sachs, a familiar bad actor from the global financial crisis.

Regarding Mac Support Indy game developer Josh ‘Cheeseness’ Bush has had enough of Apple’s user-hostile behavior and will not support Macs that run macOSX Catalina or newer. He will continue to support older Macs for as long as his production system works, and is considering supporting old PowerPC Macs instead.
Related: How to get hold of old macOS and Mac OS X Versions – MacWorld.

Facebook and Google’s pervasive surveillance poses an unprecedented danger to human rights – Amnesty International.

Aaaand Google retaliates against protesting workers.

Theologian Benjamin Corey looks at Biblical predictions of the Antichrist in great detail, and concludes that they uncannily match with Donald Trump’s presidency. This is a bit off a parlour game, but it does get a bit frightening as line after line points at the Tangerine Tantrum. It also shows some of the thinking that went into attempts at delegitimizing President Obama, specifically the reasons why Obama had to be painted as foreign. That wasn’t just to make him look illegitimate, though that was part of it: making Obama look illegitimate was not the end game. Rather, the end game was to make evangelicals think he was the Antichrist.

Time to get Personal by Laura Kalbag argues for bringing back personal websites. Preaching to the choir here, I know. But she showcases some lovely personal website designs in the process, most by women, without mentioning that most if not all are by women. Also, site.js looks like it might be worth looking into.

The Old Internet Died And We Watched And Did Nothing – KatieNotopoulos on Buzzfeed. Nothing much new to people reading Obsession du Jour or following my Mastodon accounts, but a good summary of the capture of the Internet by FAGAM in the 2010s and the destruction of cultural capital that this has caused. Also I like the tagline, “It’s 2020 — do you know where your content is?”

A Makefile Is Fine, Too – Matthew Graybosch on using a very traditional, ubiquitous tool to automate some of the tedious parts of creating websites. Also: A portable Makefile for continuous delivery with Hugo and Github pages – Victoria Dev. A confession: I don’t always read these tech articles with my full attention, but I do take note of them in case I ever decide to use them.