Some art for Tess Durban: The Natural World

Oh, hi. It’s been a half-year. No need to go over all that. I wanted to show some new stuff I’ve been working on. A sequel to the first Tess Durban story (it was called Cultish Manners but now that it’s a series, the series is called Tess Durban and the first story has been renamed The Cult of XünÿX) that I’m writing in December and will be trying to draw from beginning to end in October-December. Here’s some prep art:

Some of these were done in ink and watercolors as part of the Year of Traditional Art. I did actually do a lot more work on that than I’ve shown on the blog. However, I have now put it to rest so I can work on this project in the fourth quarter of the year.
Other works are digital, mostly done in Procreate. It took me a long time to get comfortable with Procreate because I was very used to working in Autodesk Sketchbook. But once I really committed to it, I started to love it. However, the comic probably won’t be made in Procreate but in Affinity Photo, because that app has a desktop and a mobile version. This means that when my iPad battery conks out, I can simply continue on the desktop.

I’m having a ball writing this comic! It’s going to be very different in mood and tone than The Cult of XünÿX and so today I’ve been thinking about the series’ visual identity a bit, in the form of logos, body fonts and promo images. That’s still very difficult and frustrating for me because I’m simply not a graphic designer. Graphic design is only my passion in the sense that I passionately hate doing it.

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