A few items of interest

‘Hyperrealism Sculpture’ exhibit in Brussels invites naked visitors – Pre-pandemic, I went to see this exhibit in Rotterdam and enjoyed it very much. The Kunsthal organises one or two nude tours a year and I’d like to do another one, but what with the anti-covid measures and the pandemic itself, we’ve not been back.

It inspired this image a year or so later:

Drawing of the cast of Greyfriar's Isle in a gallery
The cast of Greyfriar’s Isle in a gallery

The secure messaging app Signal has its problems. Article lists two alternatives, Matrix and Element, which runs on Matrix. I have no time to look more deeply into this now but would like to do so later.

A selection of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comics is now being published in Danish.

Prompts for Botober 2021 have been generated and published, and once again, they’re delightful.