Some more items of interest (Sep. 20, 2021)

Going back to this linklogging in a quick and dirty way for a bit. Mostly for things that would take more of my time to look at than I have now, so I want to store the links to look at them later. I am going to do less tagging and categorizing so that maintaining this is less work.
People’s Computer Company from the early 1970s, a computer newsletter that understood back then where things were going and wanted to stop it (or so it seems from the description I was given. There’s a whole archive there to dig through).

Quoted as saying (somewhere in there, anyway):
Computers are mostly
used against people instead of for people
used to control people instead of to free them
time to change all that –
we need a …

Via Andrew Roach, another thing I don’t have time for right now: Freak Power, a movie about Hunter. S. Thompson’s bid to be elected as Sheriff in Aspen, Colorado in 1970.