Items of interest for September 24, 2021

I went back to the office for two days. Here are my observations:
1. The company moved and the new office is everything I could wish for. No more open plan, but instead rooms that seat four people. Separate meeting areas in each room. Good Covid safety protocols and room to implement them in. Free face masks for anyone that needs them. A larger kitchen. Great location.
2. Bicycle commuting after 18 months at home is… ooft. The 32-km round trip knocks me off my feet.

I specifically booked the second day so I could take part in the company running group training after work, but after Day 1, it was clear that I was either going to bike or run, but not both. Since the opportunity to run depended on me biking there but not vice versa, I opted to bike.
The one downside to the new location is that we’re on the fourth floor. In 2019, I would have taken the stairs but right now, I cannot make myself do that after bicycling for an hour.
Yes, I’ve also gotten slower. Then again, because I have to take the laptop back unless I’m absolutely sure I’ll be working at the office the next day, I’m carrying more of a load than I used to.

In other things…
Using a 30 year old laptop in 2021: The Psion MC400CXF. As you might know, I believe we need more like this: more ways to keep using old tech so we don’t need to produce and purchase so much new.
(Also from the same blog: A Love Affair With Compact Cassette.)