Items of interest, September 29, 2021

A DIY Calorie Counter More Accurate Than A Smartphone. IEEE Spectrum. It’s not hard to make a calorie counter more accurate than a smartphone because smartphones are terrible at calorie counting. But this is still cool.

My wife rescued her 10-year-old Dell computer that was giving her trouble by installing plain vanilla Ubuntu on it. She’s very pleased with how it looks and works, and with the progress linux has made in the gaming area, but she thinks for the long run, she’ll want to use Pop OS.

Trom is “A trade-free video hosting platform for science/technology/nature videos in the English language. You do not have to trade your currency, data, attention, freedom or anything else, in order to use it.” and has a well-run Peertube instance. Among others, it’s host to Topless Topics, which has been banned or restricted on all the commercial platforms for no good reason. Here’s her Interview with the Just Naked Podcast about Nudism/Naturism vs Topfree Equality.

Bitcoin’s Growing E-waste Problem. Literally nothing about cryptocurrency is good.

Sarah Taber has a few thing to say about how we’re all refusing to understand the history of homesteading in the US.