Items of interest, October 7, 2021

Last Friday, my MacBook Pro wouldn’t finish booting up and it took me until Tuesday to troubleshoot and solve the problem. In my experience, Macs fail less than other consumer-grade operating systems, but when they do, it’s bad. At the same time, Aggie and I were working on prepping a 2013 MacBook Air that we weren’t using (until my MB Pro stopped working) to give away to a friend and we encountered weird issues with that system as well. Those issues came from how the previous owner had set up multi-booting on it.
The problem with the MacBook Pro could not be resolved without creating a bootable recovery system on a USB thumb drive, so for future reference, here’s how to do that. I now have USB thumb drives for the OS version that the MacBook Pro runs on (Mojave at the time of writing), and the two that came after it. Will also update my older iMac here shortly. It still runs on Yosemite which means I can run Photoshop CS4 on it (just!) but all Chromium-based software is giving me trouble.

THE ECLECTIC LIGHT COMPANY is a Mac blog (mostly) with a strong focus on booting, installing, security and volumes – all the under the hood stuff that you don’t think about until you have to. Author has been using Macs for a very long time and knows them inside and out.

9 horrifying facts from the Facebook whistleblower’s new 60 Minutes interview. I could add any of a dozen links like this, but one is as good as another.

How AT&T helped fund far-right One America Network. All companies are bad, because capitalism is bad. But some are worse than others.