Items of interest, October 15, 2021

OpenBSD 7.0 has been released ( I’ve actually been back to trying to get an OS onto the old iBook from 2005 before all OSes stop supporting it, and OpenBSD is still on the list of candidates. But it’s gonna be whichever one is the first to actually successfully install and work.

Speaking of which, given the state of the website, I also checked the website of Matthew Graybosch to look for information on a very old technology that I might use to rebuild the website. That article has gone, as I thought it might when I last linked to it, but the tech I was thinking of was Makefiles. The advantage of using Makefiles is that it does away with the (technical and cultural) dependencies that make modern webdev unnecessarily complex: the Make command exists on every even vaguely Unix-like computer and works pretty much the same everywhere. When you learn to use it, you can apply that ability outside of the one-time task of generating 1200 static webpages. So if it keeps raining this weekend, I may study that a bit and see if it works. Another possibility may be using emacs org-mode, which I use from time to time anyway.
Even though the post I was looking for on Matthew Graybosch’s website was no longer there, I found plenty of inspiration there anyway. I was unaware of, which hosts a site for a static site generator that I was also unaware of and that I may try if the other options don’t work out. Matthew also has new features on their website such as Now and Uses, which I would like to create as well. I tend to hear about these things for the first time when they go on their comeback tour. Finally, their tagline “a face made for radio, a voice made for print” is something that I’ve said about myself quite often.