Items of Interest, October 30, 2021

I am waiting for a seller to respond to my formal winning bid on a Fostex X-26 4-track cassette recorder; the same model I already have a defective unit of. I keep losing bids on the superior Tascam devices that are still on offer, and prices are trending strongly up. The X-26 should work; if not, having two identical units should make troubleshooting and cannibalization a lot easier – not that I’m going to do that myself.
I’m a little wary because surely there’s a reason Fostex devices go for lower prices than Tascam despite there being fewer of them on the market. But if it does work, it should scratch my cassette-producing itch.

Advantages of the X-26 over others I bid on:

  • still inexpensive
  • familiar
  • good enough for what I want to do
  • lightweight; actually portable.


  • Flimsier and more prone to random defects than Tascams?
  • Not very exciting.

My first project on it should be a jam on all-second-hand instruments, of which I’ve collected several over the summer.
I’m leaving one other bid open on a TEAC 144 that for some reason or other is going nowhere. I think it’s the lack of name recognition; TEAC is Tascam, but not everyone is aware of that or looks for TEAC devices by name.

Systems of Indoctrination: Accelerated Christian Education in England. PHD thesis on the effects of Accelerated Christian Education in English schools that offer this curriculum. From the abstract:

While some participants found their ACE experience beneficial, the majority experienced inadequate education, sexism, homophobia, excessive punishment, and discrimination against those considered ‘ungodly’. Many participants described continued effects of indoctrination despite their rejection of ACE’s teachings. Inspection reports from ACE schools do not indicate awareness of these issues. The thesis concludes with a discussion of the possible effects of increased regulation on these schools.

The Radical Capitalist Behind the Critical Race Theory Furor, The Nation. A familiar villain is funding the push against accurate teaching of the US’s racial history.