Items of interest, November 10, 2021

System76: A Case Study on How Not To Collaborate With Upstream, Christopher Davis at I have been interested in getting a System76 laptop (not now, but in 2025 when multiple systems that I own are expected to reach end-of-life by my definition). This long post highlighting problems with how the System76 sausage is made is not yet a dealbreaker for me as a potential buyer, but it is concerning. (Disclaimer: as a non-techy, I haven’t felt the need to read the thing very closely. All I needed to know about is the behavior of the people involved.)

Ah well, there’s always a chance that by 2025 I’ll be so disenchanted with tech in general that I will choose to keep my by then 10+-year-old systems going for a little longer and use my saved-up money to buy a flagship analog synthesizer instead.

I did not know that some online head shops also sold pepper seeds, but here I am. I’m very tempted to buy these.