Items of Interest, November 11, 2021

Happy Martinmas!

Steve Albini addresses edgelord past in new interview. Chris Deville in stereogum. I’ve always had a mix of admiration and contempt for Albini. As a producer/recording engineer, he’s clearly dedicated to his craft and his way of doing things, which is a way that I like: not getting in the musicians’ way and just letting them sink or swim based on how they play. He’s a giant of American punk. But on the other hand, I find little of value in his own projects, and the historic edgelordery is too much even though I have high tolerance for that sort of thing. The way he addresses this history and admits fault makes me respect him more. Though I won’t forgive the ‘purple dwarf in assless chaps’ quip from one of his most famous articles.

I have taken delivery of an old Fostex X-26 4-track cassette recorder in excellent cosmetic condition, so I will spend some time this week inspecting and testing it.

How to scam people with NTFS and how the IRS is going to ruin it: a beginners guide – thread by Foone on Twitter